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Biamel II is a private daycare in Brossard. Our facility can comfortably accommodate 80 smiling faces. We are a Brossard Daycare and Child Development Center on the south shore of Montreal. Our bilingual programs are designed for every age in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment by caring, experienced staff who offer personalized attention. We also offer a catering service by Piccola Gioia, who serve your little one(s) balanced meals with allergy and vegetarian options. We cannot wait to meet you in person.

Why Choose BiaMel?

Our educational program begins and promotes respect for all abilities and desires of our children to encourage growth and discovery of the world around them.

At BiaMel, we value secure and loving relationships with our educators and believe it is the first achievement in learning. Our qualified and educated staff ensure a primary focus to build a strong relationship with the children to develop self-respect.

BiaMel’s educational program is also based on the above philosophy and focuses on the child’s interests and learning abilities to aid in expressing their emotions. We teach teamwork, life in society, kindness and the respect of others.

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Les Trésors de Biamel / Biamel II daycare can comfortably accommodate 80 children ranging in ages from 18 months to 5 years old.

18 Months - 2 Years

1 spot available

2 Years - 3 Years

1 spot available

3-4 Years Old

1 spot available


1 spot available

Curriculum / Schedule

A closer look at what your little one’s day will look like


Greeting of infants

Fine Motor Activities

Puzzles – Table toys – Small Blocks

Gross Motor Activities

Climbing – Two-hand Throwing – Ball Throwing – Balancing

Outside Time (Diaper Change as Needed)

Morning Snack


Language Development

Labelling – Talking – Story Time – Flannel board – Finger plays 

Art Activities and Nature Activities

Clean Up Time (Diaper Change as Needed)

Lunch Time

Quiet Activities before Rest Time

Quiet Rest Time


Wake Up Time, Diaper Changing, Afternoon Snack

Outside Time / Music Activities

Movement – Singing — Finger plays

Fine Motor Activities

Table Toys – Floor Puzzles – Lacing – Nesting Blocks

Review the Day, Getting Ready to Go Home

Preschoolers are learning every day at Biamel.

In our Art area, we see pre-reading and writing readiness skills developing.

In our Science & Math areas, we observe problem solving, discovery and exploration of concepts happening.

While playing, our Biamel preschoolers are creating their world through their imagination.

Morning And Afternoon Learning Center

Choices such as computers, arts and crafts, blocks, puzzles, library and more! 

 Journal Writing time

 Circle Time to talk about the day’s activities

 Physical fitness and Snacks

 Visiting our Biamel Towne Village

Big Book Literature Reading Experiences

Music and Movement activities

 Social manners and self-help skills activities

Planned Readiness Education Program (BIAMEL P.R.E.P. program)

Biamel Phonics Express

 Biamel Math Magic

 Biamel Handwriting Helpers

What to Expect

Connected Daycare

We utilize an application called “Class Dojo”, that can easily be downloaded on the technological device of your choice (Mobile, Tablet or Computer). This application allows you to communicate with your child’s teacher (or the administration) for any questions or concerns you may have. In addition, the app is used for teachers to share information about your child’s day and to upload photos and videos for your reassurance.

Multilingual Daycare

We have qualified educators who can communicate in multiple languages! Our educators come from diverse backgrounds and can communicate in English, French, Chinese, Spanish and many more! Feel free to express yourself in your language of choice with our team and rest assured we will try to maintain your child’s ability to practice the languages they speak at home!

Qualified Educators

BiaMel II is proud to employ more than 10 educators, some with specific qualifications with thorough experience, and completed courses in child education and safety!

Extended Open Hours

Biamel II daycare realizes that some parents have very busy schedules and could desperately use a few extra hours to take care of their personal needs. We have extended our opening hours during the week.

Weekday opening hours:

  • 7:00am to 6:00pm / Monday to Friday

    Nursery 0-18 Months

    Les Trésors de Biamel daycare understands the needs of parents with new borns who need to return to the work force right away or sometimes earlier than expected. We proudly have a private nursery dedicated to 10 infants ranging from 0-18 months old.

    You can rest assure that your precious child will be taken care of with an abundance of love, around the clock attention and gentle care. We provide a balanced schedule that meets the needs of your infant.


    • We listen to infants by interpreting their cries, demeanor, physical look, and moods.
    • We interact with infants on a continual basis to insure that all infants in our care receive sensory stimulation.
    • We are led by the infants’ needs as we provide napping time, diapering time, feeding time, and play time.
    • We constantly sanitize and disinfect the infant environment. Our facility is designed so that our feeding area is completely separated from our diapering area. Sanitation procedures are clearly defined for all BIAMEL caregivers.

    Plan a Visit!

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    Where to find us


    7900 Taschereau Blvd.
    Brossard, Quebec
    J4X 1C2, Canada
    Tel: 450-465-2900