About Us

About Us

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Bianca & Ann (co-owners)

Biamel Daycares offers many great services that not only appeal to your children, but are very convienient for busy families who need extra time during the week and weekends! Les Tresors de Biamel IV is a highly secure facilty with video cameras and security locks installed throughout the daycare. Parents are given full acces to enter and leave our facilty with the use of their own state of the art electronic keys.


The teachers are warm, caring, patient and well trained for the job they do. The children are served healthy meals every day and are always busy doing crafts or learning about colors, letters, numbers, safety, sharing and other educational tools. The daycare is clean, bright and well organized.

Christine Heper

Allegra is very happy to go to school and all the teachers love her. The teachers are so understanding, but without neglecting the activities to solicit the attention and participation of all the children. The owners are always ready to listen to suggestions and questions that we as parents do in attempt to improve the functionality of the daycare.

Alessa Torromeo

We would like to mention your cook “Mary” makes sure our son is fed well, even the days when he may not want to eat his vegetables. She makes sure he eats something healthy. We often forget she is the daycare cook, as we feel she is cooking for her own children at home! Her attitude is amazing!

Jeff & Ani Tchaderjian